Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Pause For Thought

I have not exactly been active in September and this has not been without reason. This is not the only thing that I do and I find that other activities have taken over my life to the extent that I am finding difficulty in spending the time that I need to in order to do the blog justice.

That said there are other issues as well. I have found that recent weeks have brought unexpected changes to the way that I see things and view people. As a result of this I am taking time to consider the best direction in which to direct my time and efforts, I am therefore taking a break from things. This blog will remain and the body of work that I have undertaken will of course always be available on line.

So until such time as I resolve what lies ahead and maybe find a way to express myself in clearer terms, there will be no further postings, at least from me. If anyone wishes to submit an article, I will be only too glad to publish it on their behalf.

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