Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lets Support 'The Art of Stripping'...

I would be amazed if you haven't heard of the East London Strippers Collective, a group of women, who happen to be dancers, dedicated to fighting not only the negative public perception of the industry, but also highlighting the challenging nature of the work itself.

On 22nd October to 1st November 2015, the ELSC, in conjunction with the Red Gallery in Shoreditch are presenting the 'Art of Stripping, a large scale, multi media event that aims to shed light on the world in which they work. Activities will include....

Costume Making Workshops, Academic Symposium, Life Drawing Classes, Pole Dance Movement Workshop, a Photography Exhibition, Performance and Art Installations but most of all it's going to fun....
It is important to realise and understand that this is a dancer lead event and represents an opportunity for anyone to experience a slice of a cultural phenomenon that has been under attack by the government, by 'feminist' hate groups and by mainstream media as well.

Now, in the time this blog has been in existence, I have not asked anything of any of you. But I am going to now because the event needs sponsorship if it is to succeed. It appears that a number of people made a number of commitments that they were unable to meet and the costs associated with the exhibition have to be met, so I am going to ask you to pause for a minute and consider the following...

Do you support the striptease scene?
Do you support the right of dancers to choose how and when they make a living?
Are you prepared to stand up for your chance to go to one of the diminishing number of venues left in the East End?
Do you agree that the activities of the various 'feminist' groups that have been trying to destroy the scene are completely unacceptable?

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, then I want you to follow this link, to an Indiegogo page where you can contribute anything from £2 upwards and help make the 'Art of Stripping' a success.

It is events like this that will help to ensure the pubs, clubs and dancers will remain a feature of the East End, so please make a contribution today. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised £255 out of a target of £8000 and if you think that is a lot, believe me it isn't. The exhibition is going to have the engage the services of a number of professional support services, none of which come cheap.

If you want to know more, you can visit the Red Gallery web page that details the event.

As I said, this blog has never solicited contributions from its readers and supporters. Today, for one time only, we are asking for your help. Let's make this a success and an event to remember...

Finally, in case you're wondering, yes I have made a contribution...




  1. I attended the opening night private view / party, and the closing night Hallowe'en party, and it struck me that the East London Strippers Collective has opened up striptease to a whole new audience, which reminds of the impact that Baby Oil and Ice had when in was published back in 2002.

    1. The industry needs to reach out with representatives from all aspects. Events like this need to educate the public and reach out to people who would normally ignore the industry. A start has been made but we need to see it continue.

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