Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Dancer and the Politician No Crime Committed!

I would like to thank Brute for pointing the article in the daily mail (here) out to me that has got me writing again. My health hasn't been as good as I would like but I needed to get back to writing and seeing the article it sort of get me in the mood to say a few things. And it was nice to see all this happening in Tower Hamlets just to rub salt into the wound.

Firstly I would like to explain I have no problems with anyone going to a club even a politician providing they are not campaigning to close them in public, two facedness while a politician (or prospective politician) is expected but to say one thing and do another is going to be an issue for me around the clubs. So if it isn't the fact a guy went to a club on his stag, got drunk and forgot (ignored) the rules what is. I guess for me it is the fact he has been a spokesperson on religious matters and at one point an extremist who is now seeming to be the exact opposite. So I want to split this into two parts now. Firstly the poor behaviour by Nawaz and then I want to pick up on the issue of the daily mail and highlight the case of stigmatisation of someone doing something that is not illegal and that many guys do every weekend (hopefully with more self control).

So your having a private dance in a booth/room with CCTV, your best man has got you reasonably loaded but the fact is the UK is a non contact environment, every time a rad fem claims about bumping and grinding we all know they are lying because we have had a lot of years go past since contact in private dancing was allowed. Seeing the dancer point to the CCTV camera shows she explained the rules and it was Nawaz who was trying desperately to break them. With Nawaz trying to get the contact details of the dancer we run into the issue that rad fems would claim that the details were exchanged to arrange the selling of sexual services. I have had dancer friends who I would go to coffee with just to discuss issues about venues, music, babysitting and a few other problems but nowadays no matter how much of a connection I may feel to a dancer even if we have a hobby in common you can't exchange personal details as no doubt how innocent it may be the imaginative minds of sections of the feminist movement will imagine the trafficking, rape and selling of sexual services no matter how far from the truth it is.

So really the issue here is the breaking of club etiquette which occurs more than we would like usually by guys who are not regulars and who don't really get the why we have to avoid this sort of behaviour. Tell me something an hour ago throw in a couple of drinks and I am not sure that I would remember something I haven't heard other than on one occasion. Perhaps here it would be wise to suggest that unless a customer is a known regular he is reminded of etiquette each time he has a private dance. I would have liked to have seen Nawaz ejected but if it is a stag do we have no idea how large the party was so how much income was at risk if the centre of the stag party was asked to leave. To the club owner/manager who sold the footage I would say bad form on you for selling anything to the daily mail. Finally Nawaz claims to be a feminist and I don't see the issue here except that the terminology is wrong. Equality issomething we all have a right to and the right to choose our employment (if we can). The blog has said in the past over 2 million guys go to clubs each year and I am sure a lot more of us believe in equality than the religious groups who preach sex is a sin. As a quick aside on that point BBC2 in the UK has a 3 part series on sex and the church and part one was well worth watching.

So do I have issues with the Daily Mail? Damn right I do, the wording of the article was so biased you could feel the whole of middle england draw in it's collective breath and breathe a huge sigh. At the start of the article they point out that Nawaz is now married but you only find out digging deeper into the article it was before he got married and he was on his stag. Once again we see the fervour that comes from the traditional religious patriarchy that radical feminism so keenly supports creating a stigma around a perfectly legal evening. The church, and by this I mean all religions that apply moral codes, has guidelines that many of us break and I offer you odds that most of the mail reporters couldn't give a damn about observing religious practices unless it means a free holiday. Yet here we have a right wing "christian" paper commenting on someone not observing a religious holiday, so what, I have seen myself guys who drink, club and gamble when their religion says they shouldn't but here we have an effort by a paper to target someone for doing something legal. So long as the public allow papers to stigmatise a legal profession we are basically supporting the old structure that radical feminism claim they want to break down but in reality they reinforce.

I could go on about the hypocrisy of the daily mail and the breaching of Club etiquette by Nawaz but the guy is as human as the rest of us and the mail is built around supporting the Selfservatives so nothing I can do but bemoan the fact that having ago about a legal but stigmatised job is par for the course in medieval, I mean modern Britain.



  1. Nice to see that the Daily Mail was more discrete about the identity of the club and the dancer involved than they were re the young woman who was the strippergram for Harry Styles...

    1. They probably are hoping for more stories, labour and lib dem they will announce and conservative they will bury. Think the club has a lot to answer for in releasing the footage.

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