Sunday, October 19, 2014

More Random Thoughts of an Obvious Madman

So I have google alerts for all sorts of terms dealing with SEVs around the UK  and striptease/lap-dancing from around the world. I have seen the comments fields become battlegrounds and the use of language on both sides we should do better than. The arguments though have become tired mantras from those who operate on a belief system rather than working from empirical data.

After the fall of Lilith you would think people would refrain from the clubs cause rape and sexual crimes claims but in a discussion about Fantasy in Cheltenham with a handful of debaters there was the claim of rape from some who also claimed they had the info from the database. When I asked for the parameters of their research and what distance around the club they were seeing as an area of affect they suddenly went quiet and disappear while a new name joined in.

Personal insults please me such as when I can only type with one hand, sad, lonely, embittered, unloved, rape apologist, smelly, desperate and the list runs on but I often see these things thrown out me. Which is good because when you attempt to insult you become no better than a troll and bully or would if it had any affect on me. I was bullied as a kid so this is nothing in fact I wear it as a badge of honour that the arguments have gone so personal attacks are the next best thing. It is a win in my book.

Apparently according to some dancers are the opposition to feminism and are uneducated, poor, desperate for money, owned by the patriarchy and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Those are the standards that are always rolled out along with the dancers hate their job, they are trafficked and they are being bought by men. Last one first with we are paying for a performance but the arguments get more ridiculous the longer you engage and respond until it becomes a moral argument based on their belief system that hs no right too influence people who do not follow that belief system.

Bottom line the research by Leeds University and Kent/Loughborough Universities shows a lot of the stock arguments are just pointless. But with a belief system people can ignore the truth if it does not match what they want to believe. Often I have found myself with all the valid arguments on my side and that is when the personal attacks begin. At that point it becomes obvious that people who want to close clubs down have no data which could justify it so need to make out that I am such a horrible person and because of that clubs must be in the wrong. Thank you for that I will take it as a win!

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  1. Funny how quick the prohibitionists are to roll out stock personal insults and drag any discussion down to chimp level, isn't it? One might to tempted to think that they found being challenged to back up their claims with hard evidence threatening...

    1. Every time personal attacks start you know you have done something right as there are no validity left in the statements that an anti has made. If only they were less predictable.

  2. And talking of personal insults / smears, it's been a fortnight now since Object Now tweeted that they were going to issue a reply "shortly" to accusations on the Sex and Censorship blog that their members called male customers of Spearmint Rhino in Tottenham Court Road rapists, along with shouting 'loser' at women entering the premises. Do you think they're taking legal advice to find a form of words which won't result in them telling outright lies in an official statement, or that they're simply hoping this matter will blow over and be forgotten?

    1. Is there anyone left in Object? I guess they are busy not answering and hoping that no one will bother chasing it. Not really a surprise but you would hope for better.

    2. Some of us have long memories, and will take great delight in reminding other people who haven't when the need arises...

    3. I will wait for the next announcement from Object and ask them.. that would be the obvious step,

    4. Well, it's the last day of October and still no sign of a statement from Object Now regarding Pimp/Losergate...

    5. Here are some nice photographs of the Object crew at the XBIZEU event......

  3. On the subject of Lilith, a discredited outfit, I do find it objectionable to the vast amount of taxpayers’ money poured into Lilith and its connected organisations Eaves Housing / Poppy.

    What annoys me even more, is the amount of money raised by Children In Need and Comic Relief that goes to Lilith / Eaves Housing / Poppy:

    Children In Need (£):
    2013 -
    2012 50,263
    2011 48,952
    2010 47,613
    2009 31,168
    2008 30,261
    2007 29,703
    Total 237,960

    Comic Relief (£):

    2013 138,728 + 109,455
    2012 38,958 + 89,270
    2011 20,000 + 94,845
    2010 4,664
    Total 495,920

    1. "Charities" are often selected because someone connected with the distribution have a stakehold in where the money goes. BT, where I use to work, would make donations and sometimes you would question the validity of why money would go to one charity over another. Must admit children in need I can't see any connection to the Eaves people, I would assume there was a presentation showing why they needed the money but if it is anything like object you would think this is going to go horribly wrong.