Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Object Recruiting New CEO

A little fun from blog founder Chasmal

In a move that we find surprising, Object are looking for a new CEO to replace Anna van Heeswijk. But who will they find that can live up to the standards that Anna set? We've been thinking about it and if we were a betting shop, these are the odds that we would be offering.....


  1. How will they ever replace her?

    1. They will no doubt find someone who wants to get their name in the press and a nice little piece about them starring in the Graun. The fact is Object have very little money and are slowly slipping out of the scene. They are totally reliant on others to even get their name in the press. Although I am now think Sarah Mathewson who is currently in the campaign team may be pushed forward as she did a speaking piece at the stop porn culture meeting a couple of weekiends ago.

    2. "The fact is Object have very little money and are slowly slipping out of the scene."

      Which begs the question: where is the money coming from to pay this salary - does Object Now have a new source of funding, all of a sudden?

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