Friday, March 22, 2013

Off to Sunny Hounslow?

Well so much for a quick blog about Leeds and sitting back and doing nothing else for a while.

So it seems there is another consultation going on. This time on the borders of London, in sunny Hounslow. Having seen the council in "action" a few years ago I am surprised they are managing to do anything but guess at some point someone would have their partner nag at them to close those dens of scandal.

Actually forget that there are no existing clubs in Hounslow, so the council feels it can push through its Nil Policy and no one will really notice. Oooops there are wide eyed boys and girls out there that are not going to let you have things that easy Hounslow council. I find it amazing that the council has decided to go with the title sex clubs not welcome says Hounslow (here).

Now I am not sure about this guy Hounslow who doesn't like sex clubs but you have to assume it is not the whole borough so it is someone with a loud voice. So who is driving this puritanical approach to local government? Councillor Ed Mayne who works for Stagecoach/SouthWest Trains, is a member of the local Fabian Society and connected with Compass a group acts as the regulators of sport and activity providers. He is also a member of Unite and a couple of other transport related unions.

So the council had 912 signatures of protest that could not stop a club from opening and yet they managed to close the club when it asked for extended hours. The whole sensitive locations children roaming the streets at night to get to schools comes around again. People in the know are realising this is just an excuse to close clubs without having to think. So why do councils harp on about it? Simplez really, most councillors would like to do as little work as possible so avoiding the issue of clubs will save them time which can be spent doing other councillory things.

We have seen what about the kids, it demeans women and it encourages rape trotted out every time. We know kids are not roaming the street at night (or at least shouldn't be). We have seen the figures around Lilith made a joke of and the demans women well I have always respected women for who they are. I am sure most of the guys I have met through drinking in bars that offer entertainment are the same that we respect women. I think once you get past the first couple of visits you realise that these women are charming, intelligent and on the whole positive examples. The demeaning comes from the minds of people who want to control sexuality and as we have seen on this blog before they tend to be small minded and moralistic. The sort of don't let women choose as that would mean they have free will. Which when you think about what feminists claim to want is the exact opposite.

So how is this consultation taking place I hear you ask.... (very good hearing I got eh) well no forms, no webpage just the e-mail address of the licensing department ( now if you do mail in do not expect a reply acknowledging your mail, nor one stating the obvious that your details will be protected under the data protection act. Should you mail in? Up to the individual but really councillors have this bad habit of making broad sweeping statements that are not always based in reality.

Ok tried a little humour that time. Next time might go for a picture or 3.



  1. Residents of Isleworth ward, get to know one of your councillors:

  2. "We have seen what about the kids, it demeans women and it encourages rape trotted out every time."

    One wonders whether the prohibitionists occupy a pre-1990s parallel universe where the world wide web hasn't been invented yet, or if they simply imagine that the rest of us do! Has no one explained to them that the doctored data and false arguments they they keep trotting out have already been debunked thoroughly, and that anyone with an internet connection can find this out with a few mouse clicks?

    Their repetition of the same discredited non-facts and set-pieces of rhetoric ought to tell the general public that the anti-striptease activists and their allies in local government are the very LAST people who ought to be listened to, in what are matters of civil liberties and commercial freedom.

  3. As for the timing of Hounslow's proposal to introduce a 'nil' policy (not to mention the highly partisan way in which the consultation was announced): I guess that ensuring that the one strip club in the borough had its licence removed on a technicality was a form of insurance against having to fight a judicial review.

    1. I have no doubt the last thing they needed was a challenge. Their arguments are weak and easily proven to have no validity. The only hope they would have is no clubs prior to railroading a result through. I have had no acknowledgement of my mail about this and wondering if they will just claiming no one wants them?

    2. The beauty of the Freedom of Information Act is that ordinary members of the public can request copies of relevant records, to find out whether or not someone in a position of authority has decided to shortcut the consultation process somehow. ;-)

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