Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

So sitting gazing into the snowy skies and thought I would put a short piece about a couple of things going on and also want to go over the misconceptions that seem to occur all the time.

Firstly I thought it would be useful to be be in the twittershphere and therefore we now have @StriptheIllusio so I can engage in debate and discussions on line. Also if people get hold of information about issues it is a quick way of alerting me. Until Chasmal comes back I am going to try to be as busy as he was.

Secondly the Source Vodka Bar has been running once a month evening under TENs (temporary event notices) but is now wanting to hold striptease as a weekly event. The sub committee is meeting on the 10th of April and we wish them luck getting their license.

We have also heard of a Lap and pole dancing club trying to open in Canterbury, this is being heard on the 7th April and residents can write into with your opinion. Seems that some people are trying to portray the LAP aspect of the club.

So once again the whole issue comes up that it is LAP dancing. Sorry hate to spoil the party about what people perceive but there is no LAP dancing any more. Council guidelines state the dancer can not come closer than 3 feet to a customer and no physical contact can take place. People seem to have this image of bumping and grinding, which is true in the US but does NOT take place in the UK. So why this continually barrage from the antis about LAP dancing? Easier enough they are trying to create a mental image to those people who have no idea about the reality.

And whilst we are talking emotive comments designed to try and make people feel uncomfortable lets talk about a claim you will hear about the men buying the the dancers. The whole play behind this claim is the antis want people to feel like human trafficking is taking place. Obviously it doesn't but it is a case of trying to make people believe. What actual happens is the customer pays the performer for a PERFORMANCE. Of course saying that wouldn't upset people and create an emotive response so lets create a false perception to try and make people believe all these dancers have no agency.... ooops sounds like objectification to me.

Anyway just thought that a wet, miserable and cold Sunday morning was a good time to do something other than watch sports. See everyone out in the twitterverse.



  1. Tony, well done for keeping things rolling!

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