Monday, June 23, 2014

Well So Much for Peace and Quiet.

Well it has been a busy few days and on this blog piece we have a couple of councils that may be actually taking note of what is going on around them rather than applying rhetoric and guesswork to what is going on.

As mentioned in my twittering post Worcseter has been running a consultation. Of course this has got local press coverage but it appears the press have been editting the comments of at least one councillor who I recently wrote to. He replied and a screenshot of that reply is below. And I think most people are concerned about the welfare of the dancers, this blog has no time for anyone who abuses dancers which is why we spend so much time addressing radical feminism. Councillor Udall is quoted as saying trafficking exists in the UK but as we know the striptease industry has not found any trafficking in any venues. So judging by the councillors comments we start to wonder what was said in the interview and what was made up. At this point I intend to try and contact the journalist involved to get a take on his position. Certainly there seems to be a gap between what the councillor says and what he has been quoted as saying.

Now on to Cheltenham where a new club Fantasy has been given permission to open on a vote on the licensing committee on a vote of 5 to 3. Now the antis have kicked up a stink in particular the salvation army and the 655 signatures it gathered. Now I can bet my regular readers are guessing like me what was in the content of the petition would contain moral objections and we all know the guidelines say objections made on moral grounds should be ignored by the council committee. However there have now been anonymous hate mail aimed at the councillors and I do hope the police take action on this. It is strange that the threats all come from the side of the good moralists, whereas us dirty perverts seem peace loving hippies in comparison. What does make this amusing is the councillor applied the letter of the law to the application and are attacked for doing their job, sort of says a lot about some aspects of those protesting who will willing ram the law down people's throats when it suits them but the moment some uses it as intended to grant a license then it is all wrong. That would be assuming they actually understand the legal aspect.

And we haven't said much about Tower Hamlets but they are popping up all over the place on the political front, seems that ejecting a member of the press that doesn't like Lutfur but the one that had me really sniggering was the article in the Telegraph (here) where the sleight of hand for remaining mayor was ridiculous (thanks Brute for this). Whilst our interest is in the venues remaining opening in Tower Hamlets we will keep our eyes on those who seem to be on a course to try and close legitimate businesses.

So considering how quiet it has been we now see a little more cropping up, there is the second club in York applying for a license which I am trying to get more information on certain aspects as our friends the York Feminist Network has popped their heads up even though it seems the university is in favour of clubs. Hopefully I will get some more in depth info.

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  1. So, it transpires that Cllr Udall was misquoted and/or quoted out of context by the local press, to make him look as though he believed that trafficking occurred within the striptease industry, when in fact he was expressing a desire to see workers treated fairly. To my mind, this demonstrates why no media story about striptease should be taken at face value.

    Bearing this in mind, why is the trafficking meme still being touted, when its source is a single story one of the Scottish Sunday tabloids which was published two decades ago?

    Well done Tony, for contacting Cllr Udall and letting him set the record straight.

    1. I still think the case of trafficking was not in a venue but connected to an owner outside of the club. But there is no real proof for either side. The fact is that pentameter I and II did not even raid one club and nothing came from the Scottish raids. Of course if we do not follow up with the councillors and the press these stories will float around and increase beliefs in the ill informed reader.

  2. Did you manage to contact the journalist in question?

    1. Sent a second e-mail a couple of days ago and still no reply. Now of the assumption the councillor maybe was a little misquoted which begs the question why? For a more scandalous storyline or a deliberate act of scaremongering.