Sunday, December 2, 2012

Objects Out Of Date Resources

Tony N spent some time looking at Objects media resources to consider exactly how strong the basis of their argument against clubs really is.....

Object links on Lap Dancing Clubs, have 12 resources they quote so I wanted to examine just what they are and how relevant they are to the UK in 2012.

The first quoted resource is by Julie Bindel and was written to deliberately strengthen the stance of certain campaigners in Scotland. The research is now out of date due to the 2009 changes in Law. Having worked in consultancy to government bodies I can safely say that the end result is usually what the person who commissions the reports wants and so the report is written in a way to show the results wanted at the outset. Given that Bindel has written inaccurate reports in the past and her bias this wouldn't be something I would choose to back my arguments up.

The second piece seems to not be available on the net any more.

The third piece is not found either.

The fourth resource, Eden I is based on Lilith (see below)

The fifth resource is the Holsopple, a really rather old report from America that has no validity in discussing current UK trends.

The sixth resource is drawn from a book dealing primarily with prostitution. The striptease issue draws its information from the Holsopple report so has the same issues.

The seventh resource is based on US Midwest and Melbourne Australia. Not really sure how either applies to the UK.

The eighth resource is everyone's favourite the Lilith report. We all know that it has been shown to be a waste of paper and the fact that Object still trot it out knowing how poor the research is would in my opinion make them liars.

The ninth resource is from Chicago researchers into Prostitution and once again I would question the relation to the UK striptease scene.

The tenth resource is about policy to protect dancers/customers in Scotland. This is partially based on the Bindel report but does not suggest closing so much as changes in practices.

The eleventh Resource is from research and studies in Australia and again I find that I question how it applies to the UK.

The twelfth and final resource is from the University of Florida... think I have said this before but not sure how this applies to the current UK striptease scene.

Also people will have seen the book that Object are so fond of quoting, 'Stripped' by Jennifer Hayashi Danns and Sandrine Leveque. Well this one also gets me, a book written by an ex dancer and co-authored by a then paid member of staff of Object. I found it interesting that in interviews Danns has clearly stated that just closing the venues is not what she wants. So we have a book that is in part written by an organisation that knowingly quotes inaccurate information. 

Not sure I would believe everything in the book.

The key issue that TonyN has underlined is the intellectually flimsy basis of Objects campaign. The fact that the resources page contains so many out of date links also illustrates that Object themselves seem to have lost interest in a fight that in the beginning they thought would be a quick win.....


  1. It'll be interesting to see the University of Kent's study re SEV licensing, and how its results compare to the claims made by Object and UK Feminista...

  2. You do know I am still waiting for my bloody t shirt?